"Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure children are taught about safeguarding, including online" DfE May 2016


Online Safety Alliance services which will help to safeguard your school community in the digital age.

Online Safety Diagnostics

Is the infrastructure in your school adequate for providing a safe online experience? Are your pupils involved in online behaviours which put them at risk? OSA diagnostic tools for e-safety coordinators, school leaders and governors will help you to find out.

Online Anonymous Reporting System (OARS)

Ofsted have stated that a feature of Good and Outstanding e-safety and safeguarding is… “Robust and integrated reporting routines: School-based reporting routes that are clearly understood and used by the whole school, for example online anonymous reporting systems”. OARS is the perfect solution.

OSA Certificate of Online Safety

Provide clear evidence that your students understand age-appropriate online risks, how to stay safe and how to report concerns. Pupils can complete the OSA Certificate of Online Safety in lessons or at home. Topics covered include online bullying, grooming, radicalisation and more.


OSA offers a wide range of consultancy services delivered by technology industry experts to award-winning educators. Support is available for all stakeholders, e.g. through governor advice and presentations for parents.

Latest OSA statistics

Data presented from surveys of students in Year 10 and above.
The digital lifestyles of our children are changing. Do you know the situation in your school?

The digital tools that our children use are constantly changing, as are the risks that arise as a result. It is essential that schools develop a detailed awareness of how their pupils are using online tools in order to help them to manage short-term dangers as well as to manage long-term digital footprints.

Underlying all changes is the movement of control away from schools and parents towards children, with the majority of children now having access to the Internet through data plans on their mobile phones reducing the impact of Internet filtering in schools and almost all children having unsupervised access to an Internet-enabled device in their bedroom at night.

Having a detailed and accurate picture of the online habits of the children in your school is an important step in ensuring you are providing the advice and support that they need. Our ‘Digital Lifestyles Surveys’, tailored to different age groups, can provide you with a detailed report for your Leadership team and governing body. Order a report for your school today.

  • % with monthly data plan on a smartphone

    With so many students having access to unfiltered internet access, effective education on online safety is absolutely essential.

  • % with an Internet-enabled device in their bedroom at night

    The traditional advice to parents of keeping the family computer in a communal part of the house to enable monitoring is now obsolete.

  • % who have received abusive messages online or by text

    Unlike traditional bullying which ended when you got home, victims of modern bullying can suffer it at any time.

  • % who admit to posting messages online which could upset someone else

    It is important that schools provide support mechanisms for victims, but also take action to tackle any culture of online abuse being acceptable on any level.

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