February 20, 2016



Ofsted have stated that a feature of Good and Outstanding e-safety and safeguarding is…

Robust and integrated reporting routines: School-based reporting routes that are clearly understood and used by the whole school, for example online anonymous reporting systems.

Does your school have such a system in place? With ever increasing focus being placed on safeguarding and online safety can you afford to not provide such opportunities for your pupils?

OARS (online anonymous reporting system) has been created to meet this requirement and facilitate pupils in raising concerns online. Key features of the system include:

  • Advice and guidance given to the pupil based on the kind of concern they are reporting, with a range of categories of concern including bullying, health, online safety, radicalisation, relationships, etc.
  • Pupils pointed towards additional concern-specific out-of-school support systems for those in crisis and in need of immediate support.
  • Though anonymity is an option, pupils are encouraged to provide details to enable support and action to take place.
  • A designated individual (usually a DSP) is automatically notified by email when a concern has been reported.
  • All submissions to the OARS will be automatically recorded in a spreadsheet to enable Leadership to monitor and report on the nature of concerns being raised by pupils.
  • The ability to easily adjust and personalise the system to suit the requirements of your own establishment.

Safeguard your pupils today!

Please note, the pilot project for the Certificate of Online Safety has been successfully trialed and completed. We are now investigating the best way to role this out to the benefit of as many children as possible. Updates to follow.

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