OSA 3-Step Safeguarding Package

“It is essential that children are safeguarded from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material.”
“Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure children are taught about safeguarding, including online.”
DfE Safeguarding Regulations from September 2016

Are you ready to meet these new measures?

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The OSA 3-step safeguarding package combines three powerful tools to enhance safeguarding and the online safety of the children in your school. These focus on establishing an accurate picture of the situation in your school, educating your pupils through the OSA Certificate of Online Safety and establishing online reporting routines (as recommended by Ofsted) to support pupils facing concerns and challenges.

In addition to these key elements, the OSA safeguarding package includes a range of additional resources including posters and assembly presentations.

Want to see what this all looks like? Download our brochure. The OSA Safety Package costs just £750 in the first year and £500 for subsequent years. See the bottom of this page for instructions on how to place your order. Alternatively, each element of our package is available separately.

diagnosticsStep One: Audit

The digital tools that our children use are constantly changing, as are the risks that arise as a result. It is essential that schools develop a detailed awareness of how their pupils are using online tools in order to help them to manage short-term dangers as well as to manage long-term digital footprints. Our ‘Digital Lifestyles Surveys’, tailored to different age groups, provides a detailed report for your Leadership team and governing body detailing the situation in your school. Topics covered include access to digital technologies and behaviours which increase the risks of online abuse, grooming, radicalisation and more.

If you would like to purchase just the ‘audit’ element of the OSA package, please click here.

Step Two: Educate

certificateThe OSA Certificate in Online Safety provides valid and tangible evidence that your pupils have received and understood online safety training.

Key features of the OSA Certificate in Online Safety:

• Tailored to the reading levels and online challenges of different age groups of children.
• Requires children to develop their awareness of important advice from the likes of ChildLine and ThinkUKnow.
• Unique OSA educational materials including attention-grabbing animated videos.
• Units include online bullying, grooming, radicalisation, sexting, reporting of concerns and more.
• Assessment for the certificate is managed through automated on-screen tests. Your centre administrator can access pupil results at any time.
• Generates tangible results to prove that your pupils have received and understood online safety training.

If you would only like to purchase access to the OSA Certificate in Online Safety please click here.

Step Three: Protect

alertEven though pupils may have received guidance and advice on how to avoid online problems, it is inevitable that some will still find themselves in the position of needing help. Ofsted have stated that a feature of Good and Outstanding e-safety and safeguarding is…

“Robust and integrated reporting routines: School-based reporting routes that are clearly understood and used by the whole school, for example online anonymous reporting systems.“

Does your school have such a system in place? With ever increasing focus being placed on safeguarding and online safety can you afford to not provide such opportunities for your students? OARS (online anonymous reporting system) has been created to meet this requirement and facilitate pupils in raising concerns online. OSA will set up and host a bespoke system to meet your requirements. Key features of the system include:

• Advice and guidance given to the pupil based on the kind of concern they are reporting, with a range of categories of concern including bullying, health, online safety, radicalisation, relationships, etc.
• Pupils pointed towards additional concern-specific out-of-school support systems for those in crisis and in need of immediate support.
• Though anonymity is an option, pupils are encouraged to provide details to enable support and action to take place.
• A designated individual (usually a DSP) is automatically notified by email when a concern has been reported.
• All submissions to the OARS will be automatically recorded in a spreadsheet to enable Leadership to monitor and report on the nature of concerns being raised by pupils.
• The ability to easily adjust and personalise the system to suit the requirements of your own establishment.

Sample OARS images:

Screenshot 2016-08-30 at 00 Screenshot 2016-08-30 at 00









If you would like to only purchase access to the OARS system, click here.

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Access to the whole 3-step safeguarding package cost £750 in the first year with the price falling to £500 for subsequent years. To place your order please complete the PayPal details below or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request more information.

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