February 22, 2016

OSA Certificate in Online Safety

certificateRecent OSA data indicates that for older pupils (in Years 10 and above), 76% have data they can use on a smartphone and 96% have an Internet-enabled device in their bedroom at night. These two key facts clearly indicate that pupils have much greater levels of unsupervised access to the Internet at school and at home than ever before. With reduced opportunities to monitor and police Internet usage it is essential that schools and families are confident that their children know how to be safe and responsible users of the Internet.

The OSA Certificate in Online Safety provides valid and tangible evidence that your pupils have received and understood such training.

Key features of the OSA Certificate in Online Safety:

• Tailored to the reading levels and online challenges of different age groups of children.
• Requires children to develop their awareness of important advice from the likes of ChildLine and ThinkUKnow.
• Unique OSA educational materials including attention-grabbing animated videos.
• Units include online bullying, grooming, radicalisation, sexting, reporting of concerns and more.
• Assessment for the certificate is managed through automated on-screen tests. Your centre administrator can access pupil results at any time.
• Generates tangible results to prove that your pupils have received and understood online safety training.

Safeguard your pupils today!

Please note, the pilot project for the Certificate of Online Safety has been successfully trialed and completed. We are now investigating the best way to role this out to the benefit of as many children as possible. Updates to follow.